IB 302 BK

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Countertop induction of Slim format with 2 180 mm diameter cooking areas. It incorporates Booster system with 9 levels, timer and the control panel lock security system control.

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The hood Chorus is the integration of a microwave oven and a range hood in a single appliance designed for installation in tight spaces. Two appliances in one space, for optimal performance and fast, easy installation.

ME 406 D

Multifunction oven with 6 functions and digital cooking timer.

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TD 302

Slim format vitroceramichob, cooking zone 1 x140 mm and 1 extensible area of 180/120 mm in diameter. With locking security system control panel.

VI 302 B

Slim format hob with 2 cooking zones 140 and 180 mm. With power regulator 6 levels.

LCI 302 BK

Plate glass Gas compact