RGI 6031 WH

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• 4 gas burners:
• Rear Left: 1 semi-fast of 1.75kW
• Front Left:  1 triple ring of 3.6kW 
• Rear Right: 1 semi-fast of 1.75kW
• Front Right: 1 auxilliar of 1kW
• Plug-in autoignition
• Flame Failure Device
• Cast iron grills/burners
• Suitable for city gas
Gas inlet position: rear left
• LPG injectors included in the box 
• 58 cm wide
• Total power 8.1kW

08028006 - RGI 6031 WH - 8422248077989
Anchor system
Pletinas fijación
Appliance width mm
Appliance depth mm
Appliance height mm
Built-in width mm
Built-in depth mm
Number of burners
Plug-in autoignition
Safety valve
Cast Iron Grills/Burners
Suitable for City Gas
LPG injectors included as accessories
Triple ring
1 x 3,5kW
2 x 1,75kW
1 x 1kW
Product power (kW)
8,1 kW

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