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Gamma hood is characterized by the combination of transparent glass and steel. Available in sizes 60, 70 and 90cm. Includes 3-­?speed electronic panel with a minimum noise level, timer, with 2 halogen lamps and an extraction capacity at the peak of 820m3 / h.

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T 604

The T 604 is a ceramic hob with 4 cooking zones 140, 180 and 210 mm. With 9 levels control and locking security system control panel.

CI 631

Glass Gas hob with black glass finishing. With 4 burner cooking zones and enamelled grilles, plug-in autoignition and safety valves. Natural Gas Multigas hob prepared for (G-­?20), with accessories for easy attachment to Butane Gas (G-­?30).

ME 406 D

Multifunction oven with 6 functions and digital cooking timer.

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C combines finishing in S. Steel or -Black and glass. Available in sizes 60, 70 and 90cm. Incorporates a mechanical pushbutton panel 3 speed with a minimum noise level.


Sygma is a hood in stainless steel finishing and is available in sizes of 60, 70, 90 and 120 cm. Includes control panel with timer 3 speeds, 2 LED lamps, a maximum extraction 850m3/h and minimum sound power 50 dB (A)