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The hood Chorus is the integration of a microwave oven and a range hood in a single appliance designed for installation in tight spaces. Two appliances in one space, for optimal performance and fast, easy installation. The hood has a measurement of 60 cm, and S. Steelfinishing with 3 levels of extraction. While the microwave too S. Steelfinishing (interior and exterior), and simultaneous grill offers a capacity of 17 liters.

Combine with ...

ME 406 D

Multifunction oven with 6 functions and digital cooking timer.

ME 405 I

45 cm multifunction oven cleaning system Vetro Clean: enamel that makes cleaning the oven by the low adhesion of food. It has a capacity of 48 liters, three glass door cold, programmer, incorporates 1 and 1 grill tray.

TD 302

Slim format vitroceramichob, cooking zone 1 x140 mm and 1 extensible area of 180/120 mm in diameter. With locking security system control panel.

Similar products


Vega hood cube shaped steel finishing is available in 60 cm. It offers three levels of extraction and electronic timer panel with a minimum noise level. With an extraction capacity in the maximum level of 820m3 / h. Includes 2 halogen lamps.


Sygma is a hood in stainless steel finishing and is available in sizes of 60, 70, 90 and 120 cm. Includes control panel with timer 3 speeds, 2 LED lamps, a maximum extraction 850m3/h and minimum sound power 50 dB (A)


Campana V shaped with S. Steel or white finishing is available in sizes of 50, 60, 70 and 90 cm (white finishing only available in 60 cm). Incorporates mechanical pushbutton panel 3 speeds and offers a minimum sound power 50dB (A).